Helping the aging workforce deal with
the intricacies of Medicare is key
when it comes to turning age 65.  

Definitive Financial Medicare Solutions FAQs

frequently asked questions

  • When does Medicare begin? Am I automatically enrolled?

  • Can I delay signing up for Medicare if I’m still actively employed and covered by my employer?

  • What types of plans exist to supplement Medicare A & B? What is Medicare A & B?

  • What is the “best” plan?

  • What is the most affordable plan considering my budget and the prescription drugs I am taking?

  • I am healthy and/or don’t take any prescription medications - do I even need to sign up?

  • What is the difference between Parts A & B, Part C, Part D, and Plan F, etc.?

  • What happens if I move or travel?

  • What if I pick a plan based on my current health and my health changes down the road?

  • Can I switch plans if I don’t like what I’ve chosen?

  • Can I receive Medicare prior to age 65 if I’m disabled?



Important Note:

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Timeliness is extremely important when it comes to turning 65.

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If you are within 3 months of turning 65, contact us to begin a conversation and schedule a meeting to discuss your options.

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